Is R.A.M. right for you?

Is Reverse Attack Marketing Right for YOU?

R.A.M. is a “reverse” method of attacking a keyword space (hence, the name).  We do it in a smart way that involves spending the least amount of our “currency” (ie, our TIME) on the front side to see if a keyword space is even worth spending any more of our currency on at all in the future.

That makes R.A.M. perfect for anyone who feels they have a hard time picking good keywords that they can actually rank for -

AND for those that spend way too much time in the keyword tool/research phase as opposed to getting web pages out there online.

I call that “Keyword Paralysis” – when one gets stuck in hesitation on using a keyword and ends up doing nothing at all.

Along with the main R.A.M. training there is also my R.A.M. Keyword Guide.

In this guide I will show you how to really look at keywords and potential keyword spaces, and how to adjust your thinking and keyword research metrics to enable you to pick better keywords.

R.A.M. is also perfect for those that want to expand and dominate a keyword space they are already ranking in.

These days, only having only ONE web page out there ranking and making sales is too risky and also leaves so much money on the table.

panic-at-computerAnd c’mon… a show of hands now -

How many of you have had a web page ranking great and making money and all you keep doing is  holding your breath and checking on that ranking over and over and over – hoping…

and praying

that you don’t get booted by some black and white creature…or another marketer? Or BOTH.

That is SO stressful..and so unnecessary..and such a waste of energy.  Let R.A.M. protect you and enhance your online presence.

More web pages ranking in a query space equals more traffic and more money AND less risk.

 R.A.M. is also perfect for those that have limited time to work each day.

juggling-momFor example, the moms and caretakers –

I know first hand that it’s really hard to keep your mind on track when you have kids and family and all that going on all around you.

Personally, I have THE hardest time forcing myself to write my online content, and when those “normal life” times happen that I have to continually stop – getting my brain set to start BACK up again on my writing is really tough.

With this technique, you won’t have to worry about all that.

In fact, these techniques are almost brain-numbingly simple.

Once you’ve got some hands-on experience with the sites and tools we use, it will be so super easy that you won’t even believe it.

And for me, that’s really the nicest part of all – I don’t HAVE to be in a productive mood or a “writing” mood or even a really focused mood (or environment) to do this.

If I have 30 minutes or so, I crank some R.A.M. Pages out and then go do something else.

But, if you’re like me, you’ll find R.A.M. Campaigns to be addicting like potato chips – you can’t do just one.

fresh-airThese days, with the over all climate we affiliate content marketers have been working in, it is downright FUN and refreshing to see fast results and to receive virtually instant gratification.

It feels great to get content out there that is ranking and working FOR me without feeling like I worked…lol!

No filters, no “oogle” animals, no rules, and lots and lots of room to tweak and make it totally your own unique earnings model.

It feels like someone opened a window and let the fresh air and sunshine in.

Ok, let me tell you what ELSE these techniques are super amazing for….

Reverse Attack Marketing is an AMAZING “Holiday Season Hit ‘n Run”

I know the term “hit n’ run” probably sounds bad, but let me tell you – you can get your links out there VERY, VERY quickly and be off and running to the next keyword you want exposure for.

This R.A.M. Method is AWESOME for Amazon affiliates and is super amazingly fantastic for those really busy online shopping seasons (Ho Ho Ho).

amazon-santa-moneyThe techniques I am about to share with you will enable you to have MULTIPLE web pages out ranking on Google WITH your Amazon links in no time at all.

If you have any previous experience with the Holiday/Christmas shopping season online, you KNOW Amazon makes a killing – and so do their Affiliates <insert BIG grin here>.

It’s one of those magical times of year that all you, as an affiliate, need to do is get people to click your link and head to the Amazon site. Once they are there, they BUY LOTS OF STUFF regardless of the product link they originally clicked that took them to Amazon in the first place.

You could be working your R.A.M. pages for blueberry muffin mix keywords and someone clicks your link, lands on Amazon, and ends up buying a treadmill, a lawn mower, 4 pairs of earrings, a hula hoop, and some toilet bowl cleaner.

THAT’S the magic of the holiday shopping season for Amazon affiliates.  Heck, that’s the magic of being an Amazon Affiliate all year long.

If you want in on that shopping season and the wonderful earnings that come with it, this is the training for you.

I can literally have 5 or more different web pages online with my Amazon links in them and have them ranking AND getting traffic within an hour tops.

I have literally timed myself doing it.

46-minutes-on-phoneHere’s one example (and this is about my norm now):

I started a R.A.M. Test at 10:25 pm

By 10:31 pm I had my R.A.M. test completed, had my results, and started my full R.A.M. Campaign.

At 11:11 pm, I was totally done, everything was indexed, and I was scrolling thru my brand new rankings in Google.

Total time (including making notes, etc for this training)?

46 Minutes.

ok, 45 minutes and 35 seconds…

Pages created? 7

Pages ranking on Page 1 within 24 hours?  4

Pages ranking Top 20 within 24 hours? 6

Can you imagine the power of being able to get your Amazon affiliate links out there all over the internet ranking and people finding them at your command like that?

Oh yeah, it’s awesome.

And when you combine it with my R.A.M. Forward Thinking Technique…well, be prepared to be floored.

R.A.M. is absolutely awesome for those “gotta get my links out there NOW” times, such as:

  • when it’s a hot online shopping time – and totally amazing for all those 365/24/7 niches where people buy all year long.
  • During a product launch when the smart affiliate with the first and the most exposure wins.
  • For Brand/Reputation Management situations where you really need to get something new in the SERPs about your brand quickly.

R.A.M. is about speedy exposure in the search results.

R.A.M. is for those that totally get that “being everywhere” is the only true way to succeed with affiliate content marketing – and the only real way to be safe from the wrath of “oogle”.

It’s not about intensive research on the front side, or perfection and passing filters when creating your pages either.

It’s about getting web pages out there – NOW.

It’s kinda cool to look at the first 2-3 pages of a keyword search BEFORE you put your R.A.M. Campaign into action – and then go back an hour later and see how much you shifted that query space as you easily “RAMmed” your pages in there.

Imagine it being just weeks away from Halloween and you don’t have any – or very many – affiliate web pages out there ranking for costumes and profitable related Halloween products/keywords.

or perhaps you DID have them last year, but some “filter” ate them up…

Within minutes you absolutely could have those links out there. And if the worst thing that happens is they only rank well until the day AFTER Halloween – well, so what, right?

Copy/paste…drag ‘n drop…and BOOM, you have pages out there ranking WHEN you need them to be and for the phrases you want to be found for.

As you might imagine, it’s kinda addicting   ;)


I want to take a moment to be totally clear about something…

We are making all those pages “by hand” – that doesn’t mean it’s extra hard or time-consuming, it means that there’s no submission software or anything “weird” going on in the background. I use these R.A.M. sites the way they are meant to be used as you will be as well.

Now, I know this technique will work with any kind of affiliate link, but I am teaching it with Amazon links. If you aren’t (or can’t be) an Amazon affiliate, use that creative side and tweak the techniques to work for you.

And the last thing I want to mention is this -

keep calm and RAM onThe sites we will be using are free to use. I have NO control over them in any way, shape, or form. As with ALL websites (free to use or not) there will be times one of the sites might act “quirky” or be buggy… it happens… they’re FREE sites.

Be careful how much you complain about sites that let you put YOUR content and YOUR affiliate links on them for FREE.

Also, it’s possible that some num-nut will read The R.A.M. Method and then totally ruin one of the sites for all of us by blowing it up with garbage.

I have no control over that either. I can promise you I won’t be happy about it and will have moments of serious regret for sharing all this, but I won’t complain about it – and neither will you.

All we can do is NOT be “that person” that ruins it for all of us (including ruining it for yourself).

As I’ve said before, I am all about brutal honesty in R.A.M.

I expect each of us – ALL of us (myself included) – to be totally accountable for our own actions and our own results.

As with every other training program or guide you’ve bought, READING all this won’t make you a dime. DOING it WILL.

But if you’ve come to the point where you NEED something new… something easier… something no one else is teaching, then I personally invite you to join us in R.A.M.

If you’re ready to do something new that works and STOP eating elephants, click below to keep going and let’s get you on the inside…

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