What’s Inside Reverse Attack Marketing?


The Reverse Attack Marketing Training Package Includes:

1.  Main R.A.M. Training Guide – Everything you need to know about the REverse Attack Marketing Method, from performing your first R.A.M. Test to walking you through you first R.A.M. Campaign step-by-step are laid out in this meaty main R.A.M. Training Guide along with real life examples and working R.A.M. Campaigns.

2.  The R.A.M Keyword Guide – The things we affiliate content marketers really need to know about keyword research and ranking in Google.

3.  The R.A.M. Forward Thinking Guide – How to get into keyword spaces BEFORE other marketers get there…and how to be in Magic Spots that other marketers don’t know about.

4.  The R.A.M. Tips, Tricks & Quirks Guide – Each site we use has it’s own little quirks as well as some really cool Tips n’ Tricks I’ve learned and discovered.

5.  The R.A.M. Short Steps Guide – After you’re done the Main R.A.M. Training Guide I know the hows and whys, these are the short steps to follow until it becomes habit for you.


The entire R.A.M. package is delivered via JVZoo in a downloadable zip file that contains 5 pdf guides.  After payment, you will receive an email receipt from JVZoo that contains download instructions.  If you do not see it, please be sure to check your spam folders, etc – Internet “Gremlins’ love to mess with email delivery.  Refunds are handled via PayPal if requested within 2 weeks of purchase. 


There are no monthly fees, no upsells, downsells, sidesells,  back sells, top sells, exit pops, dancing monkeys, or ANYTHING like that.

Just two options (I like things simple and I do NOT like silly marketing tricks)

The Reverse Attack Marketing Method Training Guides have been completely updated for 2014.




Option #1 -

The Complete 2014 Reverse Attack Marketing Training Package AND Lifetime Access to the R.A.M. PRIVATE Google+ Community for Support and Interaction

If you like to have community support and interaction, the private Google+ R.A.M. community is waiting for you.  This is not required – totally optional.

Once payment is received via JVZoo, you will find a txt file in your training package file that tells you how to request an invite to the Private R.A.M. Community.  The R.A.M. Staff processes invites twice a day to make sure people get in as quickly as possible.

Naturally, you will need a Google Plus account to be able to join us.

Click the button below to get access to:

The Complete Reverse Attack Marketing Training Package AND Lifetime Access to the Private G+ Community


Option #2 –

ONLY The 2014 Reverse Attack Marketing Training Package

Click below to get instant access to ONLY the Reverse Attack Marketing Training Guides


I look forward to hanging out with you in our Google + Community.  Enjoy the training and above all, have FUN with it!

Keep Calm and RAM On!