I’m tired of eating elephants.

So frickin’ fed up with eating elephants that I could just scream!

Ok, that sounds a bit strange so let me explain.

money-elephantHave you ever heard this little ditty:

Q. How do you eat an elephant?
A. One bite at a time.

Ever heard that? Ever heard someone tell you that in relation to making money online?

I sure have – and you know what? It’s quite possible that I’ve said that to someone before.

The thought behind it is good – stop looking at your goals online as one big huge unachievable thing and attack it one step…one bite…at a time.

Makes sense, right?

Not but a few years ago, it was really good advice. Keep your head down, keep working on your site (or whatever your “one big thing” was) and over time, it would all come together.

panda-penguinBut lately – ever since that “oogle” company released all those black and white animals, it doesn’t work that way anymore.

We put our heads down, work and work on our “one big thing” taking small bites- and then WHAM, here comes some black and white “oogle” thing and it eats our money elephant!

POOF, it’s all gone – back to square one.

We were so patient and careful with our money elephant… took one bite at a time…and then, just like that -  It’s.  All.  Gone.

I’m so tired of eating elephants.

Aren’t you?

How much lower can the morale get around here?  Content getting locked and deleted, black and white animals running loose…

All the fun… all the joy… of being an affiliate content marketer has been sucked out of the air and so many of us have been stuck – not sure what to do next.

There has to be another way – a way to get into a niche market quickly and quietly and KNOW if it’s a good idea before you spend another moment on that keyword, on writing content, on getting backlinks, or on ANY of that stuff.


And if a quick test shows you it IS a good keyword/niche to attack, there has to be a way to saturate your keyword space with YOUR results without writing endless “unique content” – without doing anything hard at all.

Instead of putting a lot of time and effort into a keyword before you know if it will work for you, there has to be a way to test a keyword, see it rank, and know within MINUTES.

There IS a way to do all this.

I’ve been doing it – and now I’m ready to share it.

Ready to stop eating elephants too?

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I don’t need to read anymore, Jennifer – let me in!