What YOU need to know…

What YOU Need To Know Before We Start…

I am about to tell it to you like it is.

no-bs-RAM-signNo BS, no sweet talk…no pep talks or enabling hand-holding either.

I’m going to tell you how to do things and you’re going to DO them as I say.

And if, you like me, suffer from what is called Internet Marketing OCD, and just HAVE to have everything perfect before you click “publish” and make a web page live – well, you’re gonna have to let go of that for now.

There is NO stressin’ and obsessin’ with the RAM Method.

You are also going to be willing to use that creative part of your brain (I know you have one).

No, you will not have to be REALLY creative or anything like that, but you will need to do things with a bit of your own unique spin on it.

In short, do what I say, as I say to do it, the first time – and then tweak and make it your own.

Here’s Why -

The biggest problem I see these days online for affiliate content marketers is everyone doing the SAME EXACT thing the SAME EXACT way.

So I’m gonna make a deal with you, ok?

I’m going to show you how to get ranked in MULTIPLE places for your keywords and be able to have your affiliate links on those pages.

…and YOU are are going to be willing to think outside the box after learning these techniques and put your own twist on it.

Learn it, do it, tweak it, OWN it.

Do we have a deal?

no-writing-RAM-signHere’s the really great news  -

You are NOT going to have to write endless content for this.

If you can copy and paste links and drag ‘n drop with your mouse, you’re good to go.


I know you’ve heard promises like that before, but I’m telling you, I totally mean it.

There is no need at all for writing 500 words (or more) of “unique quality content” (don’t even get me started on all that).

This method is about testing a keyword and knowing within MINUTES if you should even bother getting to the part where you make web pages with the “unique quality content”.

Literally, within minutes you will know if it’s worth your time to expand and grow – or leave it to simmer and see what happens later.

ten-minute-graphicYou can set the entire test up in 10 minutes and within moments of Google finding your first RAM Test page, you will know for SURE if you should move forward with a complete RAM Expansion Campaign.

Yes, I will show you how to do all that.

It’s super easy – and NO, it is NOT some tacky “Blackhat” stuff or manipulating Google or any of that nonsense.

It IS about being SMART and testing the waters BEFORE you jump in and waste your time.

The most “writing” you will be doing is writing a sentence or two here and there.

Can you handle that?

I have not talked about these sites I am using for this method before – this is all new stuff.

The sites are free to use. Some offer added features and benefits if you upgrade and pay for them, but none of the RAM content sites REQUIRE you pay for them.

I will be showing you how I do The RAM Method with the tools I really use.

yes, I really DO this – I actually teach what I DO.  Crazy, right? <grin>

Many of my tools are NOT free.

I totally and unequivocally believe in paying for business tools…. wait, I believe in paying for GOOD business tools that are effective and save me time.

I will tell you what my tools are and show you how I use them, but it’s totally your choice if you decide to use them.

If you decide NOT to use them, then you’re gonna need to use that little creative spark to figure out how YOU will accomplish the technique I am showing your own way.

That’s totally up to you.

As I said before, I am going to be brutally honest in this training and flat out SHOW you what I do and how I do it.

I am not going to adjust my method or add to the training to make up for those that do not feel the need to invest in their business by paying for some tools that save them time (it’s that whole “Time Is Money” thing).

Now, if you can not afford to pay for any tools, then you’re gonna have to do exactly what I, and many, many others had to do when we first started and couldn’t afford it either – get creative and figure out no-cost ways to accomplish the same things until you CAN afford the proper tools.

How Much Are We Looking At to Do the RAM Method?

Let’s get the potential cost out of the way here so you can know right now if this is something “doable” for you or not.

The cost to have access to the EXACT same level of tools I show in this training will run from about $43 to $134 a month.

$134/month is what I pay so I can do it AND teach it AND test AND track/show results, etc.

It is most likely that you will not need to have the bigger plans on some tools like I do – but to be totally transparent, I pay $134 a month to do all I need to do with this technique.

Since I am known as a big fan and supporter and teacher of all free online marketing methods, I want to be totally clear and transparent that the way I do the RAM Method is NOT free.

For the average user, about $64/month is a good estimate to figure in that would give you access to ALL the tools you need.

You can get by on a “barebones” budget and have the most important tools without “whistles and bells” for about $35 a month and then grow from there as the money starts coming in.


I’m done reading, Jennifer – let me in!

If you have no budget for these tools then you have 2 choices:

1 – Stop reading now and save this Reverse Attack Marketing Method for a time when your budget increases and you can afford it, or

2 – Continue with this training knowing that you will have to tweak and adjust.

Totally up to you.

Just whatever you do, please do not let me hear of you using household money that’s for paying your bills or putting food on your table in order to do the RAM Method.

I absolutely do believe in taking chances, risking failure, and “daring greatly”, but NOT at the expense of your family or own well-being.

This is NOT… NOT…   N.O.T.  a “get rich quick” scheme – this is not some instant magic answer to fix all your money problems or desires overnight.

I have no clue what your results will be with this method.  Heck, I have no clue if you will even DO the steps I teach.  Again, that’s all up to you.  All I can do is teach it.

You may notice there’s no flashy earnings screenshots ’round here either.

what-you-cantSure, I have my own personal results to share, but that is reserved for those on the inside when I share with case studies and example campaigns I’ve done.

Is the RAM Method a True “Online Business Model”?

The techniques we are about to learn here are not necessarily a true “business model” in the sense that most people in our business interpret that phrase when talking about internet marketing.

I personally don’t totally agree with that interpretation tho.

To me, what I do online to earn money IS my “business model” – I am an affiliate content marketer and I absolutely do use sites I do not own to earn commissions.

That’s MY business…and that’s how I do it.

So, to me, for my needs and results, it is a business model.

Others will obviously disagree since so many do not believe a “real” online business can involve sites you do not OWN.

So, there’s all that – decide for yourself what you consider to be YOUR “business model”, ok?

Now, I do have to say… for those that only have like an hour or so per day to work online, this is an AMAZING “Earnings Model”.

These techniques allow you to get many web pages with your affiliate links out there VERY quickly and you can absolutely do it on your own schedule.

Ok to keep going? 

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