Have you ever wished…

Have you ever wished someone would just be brutally honest with you about things like keyword research, what it takes to rank well in Google, and how to get massive exposure for your keywords and affiliate links really quickly?

Have you ever wished there was a way you could jump in and instantly test your target keyword WITHOUT writing unique content and know just about immediately if that keyword is worth your time?

Have you ever wished you had access to the RIGHT kinds of backlinks that will help your rankings and bring you more traffic?

If you’ve wished any of those things above, you totally are in the right place at the right time.

jen-leeHi, my name is Jennifer Ledbetter and I’ve been doing this affiliate marketing thing online since very early 2007.

Online I’m known as PotPieGirl – yep, as I’ve said before, it’s a quirky name, but it stuck, so, I suppose it is what it is =)

That’s my hubby and I in this picture that was taken in our backyard.  The backyard of “The House Internet Marketing Bought”.

I feel blessed beyond words to acknowledge that I have done very, very well online in all my years working it.

Yes, WORKING it.

I’ve worked my tail off for years to not only improve my own bottom line, but to help others improve their bottom line as well.

I’ve been eating the heck out of some elephants over the years, as well as guiding and helping others with their elephants.

That’s about all I’m going to say about me right here and now. If you don’t know me or know anything about me, please Google me.

Otherwise, I want to jump right in and get all of us in action so we can all see our own results with this that much quicker.

The Myths, Misconceptions, and Downright Lies

When it comes to content marketing as a platform for affiliate sales, there is some really, REALLY horrible information being passed around online.

I hear talk of “Google likes this…” and “Google hates that…” and “You MUST write long unique articles to rank” and “all backlinks are bad” or “thousands of junk backlinks are still good”.

I can answer all those things… and I will in this training.

How do I know that it’s horrible information being passed around?

How do I know the answers I will be sharing with you?

Because I TEST things….I test like crazy.

I’m pretty strong-willed (ok, I’m stubborn) and I don’t take anything ANYONE says as “gospel”.

I believe when I see it for myself. And the only way to see it is to do it.

That said, I don’t expect YOU to take anything I say as “gospel”either.

I am going to show you how and YOU put it to the test and see for yourself.

But “The Others” Say…

I know what “the others” say and how they give you just enough information to work yourself in circles and get no where fast but right back to their next training.

soar-with-the-windHere’s the thing – I’m not like that.

I consider those that are in my training to be like my “baby birds”.

My biggest goal and HOPE and prayer for each of you is that I can push you out of the nest really quickly – NOT to get rid of you, but because you are totally ready to fly on your own.

You’re ready to soar and take on anything.

99% of those reading this are like me.

I am a “One Woman Show” (or perhaps you’re a “One MAN Show”).

Point being – we are each most likely working from our home on our own. We don’t have endless deep pockets of money or time to invest into all this, but we do need to make money.

It’s not a hobby for us, but we’re not “Big Business” either.

We don’t have a staff or investors or some big marketing budget.

But we DO have a life and we’d like to pay our bills, make extra money as well, AND enjoy our lives.

We are the ones that are smart enough to never even dip our toe into the “Deep End” of internet marketing. We don’t dare attempt niches that are saturated with competition that has endless time, resources, and money that we do NOT have.

There are sharks in the deep end – and I don’t send my “baby birds” out to play with sharks.

There is LOTS and LOTS of money to be made in the shallow end – it’s a lot more friendly, and it’s way easier.

In a round-about way, this overall technique I am about to show you kinda makes us our OWN “competition” because we totally boot-scoot the original competition out of the way.

and yes, it does make you feel powerful… but in this day and time for affiliate content marketers, it’s TIME we feel some power again as opposed to feeling lost and powerless to achieve anything.

In short, we’re going to be working in the shallow end to make lots of money so we can each enjoy our lives on our own terms.

Sound good to you?

If so, click here to keep reading…



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